In searching for podcast examples that are relevant for my work with the Refuge, I came across a really wonderful resource for independent filmmakers, Terra: the nature of our world.  Appears to be a site sponsored by Montana State University, and I think it mostly features advanced student work.

I just watched this 30 minute film about wildlife connectivity and ground truthing a corridor between Yellowstone National Park and the Frank Church Wilderness.  Worth watching!  And, I want to do the same thing for our research projects.  The Kodiak bushwacking would put these guys to shame 🙂

Connecting the Gems

Terra: The Nature of Our World

USFWS News: Open Spaces blog & Twitter

In the interest of exploring my own agency’s use of social media, I’ve found a pretty neat blog called Open Spaces on the USFWS headquarters page:

Open Spaces

It just so happens that USFWS HQ also has a Twitter feed.  Since I’m now on Twitter, I just chose to follow their updates:


Which led me on to the Audubon Society Twitter feed:


And then on to the USFWS Twitter page for Alaska:


May be an easier way to follow the news than reading through the website articles – definitely a quicker update!