Blogging for KNWR volunteers

I’ve tried several times to start a personal blog, and have only succeeded when a month long trip across Siberia gave me a good reason for regularly adding posts to reflect on my travels and stay in touch with friends and family.  Currently, I manage updates to an open-source CMS (Joomla) for our Visitor Center website; this website operates as a blog format, with multiple publishers and content ordered like blog posts.  I would actually like to have more design flexibility than a blog format for this website, but I can see keeping a single blog as part of the site for the purpose of more frequent updates and keeping a linear story going.

I’ve also thought about keeping a separate blog that is dedicated specifically to volunteers and includes regular updates about volunteer projects, information about positions and vacancy announcements, and might give interested volunteers the option to be blog contributors in order to share their experiences.

This past summer, we had a few interns who chose to create their own blogs about their experiences teaching an environmental education camp.  While having their own blogs gave them unlimited creative freedom, the blog content was not always appropriate for a general readership.  I could see creating an official “Refuge Volunteer” blogsite and asking volunteers to contribute 2 posts about their experience.   Edublogs may be an ideal way to manage multiple users without signing them up for our main website access.