Podcast Prezi

This is a short presentation about utilizing podcasts for communicating about the Refuge.  The assignment was to use an online presentation program to create a brief series of slides on an educational topic for your colleagues:


Response to online presentation forum:

This week we experimented with different online presentation programs.  I decided to experiment with Prezi after seeing a colleague’s first prezi – I definitely needed the tutorials to learn the different tools, and I watched several of the “explore” featured prezis, then was able to start working with the program fairly quickly.  I really enjoyed the design flexibility, but found that I had to think out a visual concept and topic clusters before I got started, which is different from the way I work with Powerpoint.

I thought that the use of motion and pathways added a lot to the dynamic on screen, and I can see the potential for creating prezis that people would actually navigate on their own from a website (I quickly lose interest when I download someone’s powerpoint and click through slide after slide of bullet points).

I would use prezi in the future for work presentations – I think it will help alleviate the death by powerpoint feeling that our planning meetings have.  I could also see using it to create informational presentations that are meant to stand alone on the web or in an email.   I haven’t looked into it yet, but if there is a way to record the voice or play music with the Prezi, it seems like a fine tool to use for a short podcast.

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