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I couldn’t attend the two in-person classes for my podcast class, so decided to make a video podcast as a project for the class and for the Refuge.  Although I have several projects in different stages of completion, I started a new one that I knew could be put together quickly because the interviewee was practiced at telling her story, and there were plenty of photos that would complement the interview.

Stacy Studebaker agreed to the project and we filmed about 60 minutes worth of footage about her 7 year experience of re-articulating a gray whale for the Visitor Center display.  This is a lot more than I needed, but I plan to create other instructional videos that might be incorporated into training for our seasonal staff, telling the story in more detail.  The final product is about 10 minutes long and narrates the process from start to finish:

The Kodiak Gray Whale Project

I just posted this to our FB page to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the installation on Halloween night, and was really glad to see a response from a teacher (mother of a volunteer) in Pittsburgh who enjoyed the podcast and plans to show it to her class before their Halloween party tomorrow.  I think that this is an ideal way for social networking to connect classrooms with our visitor center – even when they are a continent away!  If we can keep up with posting educational materials, teachers and students may be more likely to check in with FB than with a webpage that tends to be more static.

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  1. Wow Lisa, Great job with the video editing. Sound and video was very professional. Your prezi was great too.

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