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I’m linking an experimental podcast that I did as an assignment for CSE 696.  We used an online program called Yodio to create a narrated slideshow by uploading photographs and calling in by phone to record voice segments.  I’m not really a fan of this method because it was labor intensive and I can get a better product by recording my voice on my phone or computer.

This is a narrated slideshow of a recent trip into the Refuge for a public use camp – the audio is a little awkward because I did not script anything ahead of time, but the photos are pretty 🙂

Uganik Podcast

2 thoughts on “Mobile Podcasting

  1. What a trip! Gorgeous photos. You actually have pretty good sound quality with that Yodio. And one of the advantages is that you can record in the field (Assuming, of course, that you have cell phone coverage, which I suppose is unlikely out in the bush on Kodiak Island.) But there are probably times when you might want to do interviews in the field or some other sort of site-based talk and being able to record via your phone can be a good solution.

    • Hi Mary,
      Yep, you are correct: no cell phone reception within the Refuge! But, I do have an iPod with an external microphone that would be ideal to record speech, and then I can always put in photos later. I’m thinking of developing something like this in conjunction with Audubon for specific sites around Kodiak – we could have podcasts on birds to look for at each site, and it would have a lot more impact if we actually recorded on location.

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