USFWS News: Open Spaces blog & Twitter

In the interest of exploring my own agency’s use of social media, I’ve found a pretty neat blog called Open Spaces on the USFWS headquarters page:

Open Spaces

It just so happens that USFWS HQ also has a Twitter feed.  Since I’m now on Twitter, I just chose to follow their updates:


Which led me on to the Audubon Society Twitter feed:


And then on to the USFWS Twitter page for Alaska:


May be an easier way to follow the news than reading through the website articles – definitely a quicker update!

One thought on “USFWS News: Open Spaces blog & Twitter

  1. Nice job on your blog. I also struggle with endorsing access to the web for my 4th and 5th grade students. An edublog sounds like a much better starting point to keep it clean.

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